Brisbane Home-Builder Reveals Innovative New Home Design

Award-winning Brisbane based home-builders Indigo Homes have made building on acreage a whole lot easier with the release of their innovative new home design, ‘The Kube.’

Specifically designed with versatility in mind, with plenty of floor plan variations to suit all aspects and most acreage blocks, the design has been heralded as ‘the Rubix cube of new home design.’

“The Kube was designed in a series of eight blocks that can be flipped and interchanged to create your dream home,” says Chris La Franchi, Director of Indigo Homes.

“The Kube is perfect for acreage sites because it lets you take advantage of different aspects and allows you freedom of choice in design without making major changes to the shape of the house itself.”

La Franchi says that idea for The Kube came after recognising that no one home design or layout would suit everyone.

“Some people want to take advantage of different views and outlooks on their property, and the Kube finally answers that need.”

With eight different floor plans and eight different facades, The Kube is one design that can be modified in many different ways.

All of the main living and private areas in The Kube can be flipped and changed to take advantage of views on site, no matter where they are.

The Kube is an addition to the award-winning Sierra Range at Indigo Homes.

Perfectly designed for acreage living, the Sierra Range has won several awards, including the QMBA President’s Award in 2006.

Plans for The Kube will be released in May.

I am Assistant to Manager at Indigo Homes. Indigo Homes not only build the most stunningly designed, value-for-money, quality homes but also want to make your building experience as relaxing as possible. New Home Builders

Design Your Own Rose Garden

The texture and the fullness of the rose is unlike any other flower, and they come in a wide variety of scents and colors that range from a very bright yellow to a dark deep red. It is curious that such a beautiful flower is also equipped with such a thorny stem. A little of the good and the bad from nature I suppose. Roses originally came from the northern hemisphere, and there are over a hundred species growing in mostly temperate regions. Although the rose as been the flower of choice to express ones love for many years now, it was used originally for medicinal purposes in medieval times.

Rose gardens are not only one of the most beautiful types of flower gardens to have, they are without a doubt the most difficult to grow and maintain. This doesnt mean one should not give it a try, it just means you should research the subject so you are well prepared. One of the biggest challenges you will run into when doing research on rose garden material is finding the time to continue searching. Many of the articles that you uncover on this subject will be useful, but there will be some that won’t be. It is necessary that you find the best resources available on this subject.

Whether to plant red roses, yellow roses, rose vines, rose bushes, or climbing roses are just a few of the choices you will need to make when planning your rose garden. There are many types of roses to plant in your garden so take your time when considering what kind of flowers you want blooming in your garden.

If it is hard for you to visualize your finished rose garden design by just looking at your layout, there is some very good garden landscape design software available. Much of the garden landscape design software was originally developed for professional landscapers, but since has been modified for the beginner who wants to do-it-themselves. There are many do-it-yourself landscape design software programs available today. Landscape design software lets you see a virtual picture of the rose garden design and enables you to move items around and see the changes you make come to life. Most landscape design software programs offer advice on using and placing the many different types of roses available today in your design. A well designed rose garden will always change with time, and some of the landscape design software available will allow you to view your rose garden as it matures. You can see what it will look like 5 or 10 years from now when the rose bushes and plants have grown and matured.

The leading search engine for finding rose garden related info is Google. Finding rose garden material on the net isn’t arduous; it just takes a little bit of diligence. While one might believe that the greatest means to use for researching thorough info on this topic is the internet, it is vital not to leave out other sources. Keep in mind; you’re not going to find every tidbit of rose garden information educational. To stay current with the newest info, you should think about signing up for an RSS feed on the topic of rose gardens

One of the most famous rose gardens is the White House Rose Garden, and is located in the west wing of the White House. Many Presidential ceremonies and news conferences have taken place here, as well as the wedding of Richard Nixons daughter Tricia, to Edward Cox in 1971. First Lady Ellen Louise Wilson the wife of President Woodrow Wilson established the garden in 1913 when she redesigned what was previously known as the colonial gardens.

Be A Responsible Citizen Use Eco Friendly Products

It is the responsibility of each & every individual to contribute towards making the environment clean & healthy. Hence, make your contribution by going green and using eco friendly products for building or renovating your home.

One must make use of natural stones, which can be used for building both, the interiors as well as the exteriors of the house. Marble and graphite are good examples of natural stones that are widely used for building homes; these are durable and require minimal maintenance. Moreover, these stones provide an elegant outlook and are highly reasonable when it comes to price.

You can also paint your roof in white or light colors. Not only will this look elegant, but will also help in reflecting back the harmful radiation; this is also good alternative to keep your house cool the natural way. The US Secretary of Energy and a Nobel prize-winning scientist Steven Chu stated that the green house effect can be minimized by making a building reflective where the sunlight gets bounced back into space.

While constructing or refurbishing your home, make use of eco friendly products such as environment friendly flooring material. Recently, these eco friendly products have become quite a rage since these are attractive, durable as well as affordable. Moreover, you have so many options to select from, such as bamboo which gives a wood like effect. Other options include cork flooring, linoleum flooring, stone flooring, ceramic or glass tiles. All these are eye catching options, come in variety of colors and are sturdy as well as long lasting. Apart from this, you can use radiant electric floor heating systems, based on the principle of thermal heat radiation. This is more beneficial than using other heating options, such as electric base board heat, gas furnaces, wood and boilers. Electric floor heating systems consume less energy and prove to be highly economical.

Moreover, you can use eco friendly cleaning solutions which do not contain harsh and harmful chemicals. The harmful chemicals present in traditional cleaning solutions can cause breathlessness, dizziness and uneasiness along with having long term side effects such as cancer. Apart from this, chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, sodium hydroxide and phosphates found in traditional cleaning solutions are harmful to the environment. Hence, make use of eco friendly cleaning solutions, made up of biodegradable constituents, with a neutral pH (7) as for cleaning your home.

The eco friendly products are not only beneficial for humans but also for the environment and if each one of us realizes the significance of these products, our planet will definitely become a cleaner place to live. Therefore, for your own benefit and for the benefit of mankind use eco friendly products for your home.

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